La musique irlandaise au violon

  • Jigs : The Lilting Banshee, Jim Ward's jig, The Hole in the Edge, Scatter the Mud, Stan Chapman's jig, Gallagher's Frolics, I Buried my wife, Wallop the Spot, Slip Jig, Russel's Jig.


    Reels : Spindleshanks, The Fantastic Reel, The reconciliation, Tommy's Cohen, The green Field of Rosbeigh, The Lady on th Island, The Swallow's tail, Sean Maguire's Reel, Dark Haired Lass, Dawe's Favorite, The Pigeon on the Gate, The Merry Blacksmith.


    Hornpipe : Padraig O'keefe's Hornpipe, Mickey O' Callaghan's Fancy


    Polkas : The Ballydesmond's Fancy.